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Airborne Magnetic Gradiometer
Alzheimer's -- an 'attractive' cause
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App Man Magnetometers - in Chinese
Bermuda Triangle Aircraft Disappearance
Breiner bio Jan 2012
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Breiner PhD dissertation - piezo-earthquakes
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Eulers Mag Patent 1966
First Gun Detector for Airport--Public Security
Geomagnetism talk Little House PV Sep 2011
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Magnetic Detection of Light Weapons
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Magnetometer Survey for buried Axle in St Louis May, 2007
Major Solar Storm hits our Local Community
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Mass extinctions-Superchrons draft June 2010
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Moniker, the Indiana Jones of Geophysics
Ocean Magnetic Measurement Breiner '66
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Rossotti's tavern, EMP, the Internet and I
Rubidium Magnetometer in Archeological Exploration
Squid Applications to Geophysics
Starfish Dec 20, 2010
Sybaris discovery- Expedition 1965
Transverse magnetic gradiometer
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