"Jurassic Park is as frightening to play as it was to watch. 
	This game boasts incredible graphics, sound, and game play. 
	The graphics are some of the best I've ever seen, 
	and it's Jurassic Park. Need I say more?" 
		Electronic Gaming Monthly June 1994

	"The graphics and video footage are awesome!"
		Electronic Gaming Monthly July 1994

	"The graphics are wonderfully done."
		Electronic Games	July 1994

	"...it's a beautiful looking game..."
		Computer Player		July 1994
	"The graphics in Jurassic Park Interactive are incredible..."
		CD ROMMultimedia	August/September 1994

	"Hardcore gamers will appreciate this challenging title the most, 
	but we must agree with the disc's producers: Just about everyone with a 3DO 
	player is going to want Jurassic Park Interactive."
		Video Business		June 1994

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