Game Players December 1995

  "95 Percent Ultimate"
Game Players December 1995
  "BladeForce is simply one of the best games I have ever played . . . The whole thing is just one big excuse to fly around and destroy as much stuff as possible, and that's very, very cool."
Game Players, December 1995
Next Generation December 1995
  "Key Software"
(One of 5 software titles of the year believed to drive hardware sales for the 3DO platform.)

Next Generation December 1995
  "It's gorgeous, fiendishly challenging, and a smashing good time. What more could you want?"
Next Generation December 1995
  "...the level design is a masterwork, and the gameplay has been tweaked extensively to ensure a very challenging game."
Next Generation December 1995
  "BladeForce has such speed and depth perception that it can actually recreate the feel you get when you spin the teacups too fast as Disneyland."
Dimension 3, November 1995
  "The best 3DO game so far!"
Game Fan November 1995
  "...Bladeforce shifts polygons unlike any other title on the format."
The Edge June 1995
  "Bladeforce is one of the first pure games to come out of the Studio and it delivers a smooth, high-action game that bodes well for the future of the development team as well as the 3DO console."
Next Generation June 1995
  "Studio 3DO's first action title...a menacingly dark utopia...sets a bright new standard for development to come."
Next Generation June 1995

". . . between the heaps of gameplay and the secret goodies, there's a good 20 hours of fun here, which is better than the current wave of 'beat-it-in-a-day' PlayStation titles"
Video Games, December 1995

  "As the first true action game from Studio 3DO, BladeForce delivers in almost every possible way. With a consistent frame rate of over 24 frames per second, 6 degrees of motion freedom, and huge areas and structures to explore, BladeForce packs a mighty punch . . ."
Intelligent Gamer Online, October 1995
  "Overall Rating = 4 stars!"
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