Papers by or about Sheldon Breiner that are of general interest

Breiner earthquake blog

Mass extinctions possible cause

Google search ‘breiner magnetometer’

Breiner papers Dropbox 2012 (titles only)

Invention of gun detector for White House

Magnetics & its possible role in Alzheimer’s

Peripatetic in Portola Valley essay/photolog

Man of many talents from Palo Alto Almanac

Project Azorian -- search for sunken Soviet Sub

Stanford ‘Observer’ -- attributes of an ‘idea man’

Stanford Magazine -- Breiner 50 years of citations

Direct Detection oil/gas deposits on land & ocean

Portraits of Success: profiles of Silicon Valley Pioneers

Axle located from 1904 St Louis World’s Fair Ferris wheel

Merlin of Magnetics – search for things around the world

Discovery of Spanish galleon sank 1578 offshore Baja, Mexico

Explanation for disappearance of aircraft in the Bermuda Triangle

Man Inside the Machine -- first commercial artificial Intelligence company

Piezomagnetic effects in seismically active areas – PhD dissertation Stanford

Breiner MS research for finding oil Euler’s theorem and magnetic gradiometer

Rubidium magnetometer to discover Greek city Sybaris, 500 BC, buried in Italy

Earthquake prediction by monitoring piezomagnetic effects of subsurface stress

Primary ‘SQUID ‘ applications symposium for Geophysics, uses for magnetometers

Discovered hundred colossal Olmec monuments buried 3,000 years Mexican jungle

Lowell Thomas award from the Explorers Club to Breiner for Imaginative Exploration

Creation of Internet, ARPAnet, Cuban missile crisis & magnetics of 1.4 megaton hyd. bomb

Synopsis of novel how entire US population held hostage by deadly virus that kills in five years

Chip in all new cars that mitigates dangerous effects of Distracted Driving while using cell phones

Industry-standard manual (English, Mandarin) magnetometers for resources & buried/sunken objects

Breiner personal papers  

         Photolog of marathons run by Sheldon Breiner

         Jokes from Breiner

         Friendship with “Dear Abby” undergrad years Stanford

         Photo albums